I have a large lot of vintage computers, accessories, boards, cables, etc. Most of the computers no longer boot due to dead CMOS batteries. I did replace the battery in the 386, it worked but then a while later the HDD wouldn't boot. Now all of them have had their HDDs removed, and all are being sold without HDDs.

I do want to sell everything as one lot, but due to the size/weight it would probably have to be a local pickup, unless someone was willing to pay the insane Canadian shipping costs. Everything is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Asking $1,399 OBO.

Happy to do my best to answer any questions. I grew up on computers like these, but my in-depth knowledge may be limited.

Pictures of everything can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1em...FAdHlRx-MWtOaO

Itemized List:
1x 386 w/Orchid Prodesigner 2
1x 486 w/Orchid Farenheit V4
1x 486 w/Orchis Farenheit 1280
1x Pentium w/Kelvin 64
1x Pentium w/Matrox MGA
1x Pentium (or Pentium II) w/ATI Rage 128
1x Monitor Switch Big
1x Monitor Switch Small
1x PC Switch (?)
2x External Data Tape Readers
1x Internal Data Tape Reader
1x Kodak Film Reader
1x Hand Scanner + Board
1x Data Phone
1x Byteway 1000 Plus (whatever that is)
6x Flat PC Power Bars
5x IMB Model M type keyboards
2x New CMOS Batteries
Assorted Disks & Tapes
Large box of cables, adapters, mice