Anyone near Washington DC/on the East Coast United States do this? Technically I can ship, but the closer the better.

I've got a Model 1 (Level 1) TRS-80 that needs some work. One of the keys is bad (I have a parts keyboard to pull from), the keyboard cable could probably use replacing, and it outputs garbled video. Sounds like a common problem, but I'm no expert in digital computer repairs.

My Coleco Adam has an issue with power. I know the printer circuit boards are known for having problems, but I think mine is related to the main console. I have two data drives in it, and the power light will only come on when both are disconnected. One drive was professionally rebuilt, and I've never had a chance to test the other but I know they're known failure points. Ideally I'd like to find someone who already has a setup so I don't have to ship all the pieces, but I do have a loose printer motherboard that I believe works that I could send in if need be.

Thanks in advance!