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Thread: WTB: ADB Keyboard and mouse, Etc. in NJ

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    Default WTB: ADB Keyboard and mouse, Etc. in NJ

    Hello all,
    I recently purchased a fairly priced Mac Performa 550 from a local flea market. It is in need of some serious retrobrighting but should function provided the analog board didn't throw up electrolyte everywhere, I plan on posting a bit on it on the repair and expreimentation. I am in need of an ADB keyboard and mouse so I can turn it on. I am located in Central New Jersey would be willing to drive with in the state to pick up, if anyone also has any old mac peripherals/software let me know.
    Thank you,
    Ian L.

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    Still on the look out for an adb keyboard and mouse to use the performa

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    I have plenty of ADB mice and keyboards, are you looking for anything specific? PM me the details.
    What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
    Nubus/ISA/VLB/MCA/EISA cards of all types
    Boxed apps and games for the above systems
    Analog video capture cards/software and complete systems

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