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Thread: Did anyone save the programs on the AST BBS?

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    Default Did anyone save the programs on the AST BBS?

    ancient history

    Did anyone save the programs from AST's BBS?

    I'm trying to find the programs for a few of their communications cards, in particular the AST-coax 3270 adapter
    which apparently were available through their BBS.

    I have a few AST manuals, which I'm going to try to get scanned and up on bitsavers today, and one
    program disk for the AST-3780 RJE terminal emulation.

    Also, I put up a bunch of stuff on CXI yesterday. The AST-coax board was actually a CXI board

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    Some of the tech bulletins are at[]=mediatype%3A%22software%22
    Offering a bounty for:
    - The software "Overhead Express" (doesn't have to be original, can be a copy)
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775, Olivetti M24, or Logabax 1600
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)


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