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    While looking for something else I stumbled upon this list of fictional computers, which include some of my favorites like the HAL-9000:

    The cleverest one has to be Deep Thought, which was tasked with finding the answer to life the universe and everything. After many millions of years of computation it came with a numerical answer of 42. The utility of the answer was difficult because the computer never really knew what the question was, so Deep Thought set up another experiment to find the question, to get the meaning of the answer, the experiment is Earth. Then if life wasn't stranger than fiction, IBM named its Chess playing computer after it.

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    That's a pretty good list, I thought it lacked some I could think of until I saw there was a link to another page listing fictional robots and androids.
    Perhaps it could also include Heinlein's 'Drafting Dan' (a CAD device, 1956) and the traffic control computer hacked by Benny Hill in 'The Italian Job' (1969).


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