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Thread: Commodore pet 3032 screen full of lines

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    Thanks for helping me look into this Dave

    I've dusted off in inside and checked continuity on the screen and keyboard connectors, these are ok. Fiddled with the three pots on the rear of the screen (Brightness, SubBrightness, Focus) but it's just solid color.

    I mostly repair 50's~60's Jukeboxes, Cassette players and Modern computers, Though I've watched up on 8 Bit computers and the general principles of how they work. I'm up for a challenge though

    The installed Processor is an SY6205A, But not a MOS chip, not sure if this is correct. There's two other chips in sockets

    MOS - Above the screen connector
    MOS - Second row above the serial number ( I'm thinking this is the ROM based on previous reading? )
    Everything else is soldered in, And there's two empty sockets


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    Quote Originally Posted by daver2 View Post
    Excellent news about your delivery. Speedy response!

    Can I give you a bit of 'homework' reading to do about oscilloscope basics?

    These articles (and others like them on the web) will tell you the basics of what an oscilloscope is, how it works, how it takes measurements and what the basic controls do.

    Have a read of these articles first and then we will pick up from there.

    It sounds like as though your 6520's and 6522's are not to blame for your problems either...


    Hi Dave thanks!
    I know a little about the oscilloscope ... I had a vintage a while ago...

    I don't know this mini oscilloscope but I think it's not difficult to use.
    A friend ship me a Nop generator .... when courier deliver it to me we can proceed with the tests if it's okay for you!

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    Sounds like a plan to me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrent View Post
    Sorry for this, I'm new here so i'm not sure what to do

    I've just picked up what I think is a 8032 Universal Dynamic PET ( Based off the board as all the stickers have been pealed off ) for 40, That appears to have this issue, but the startup chime does play when powered on. Would It be better to start a new thread for this or watch this one?

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    It might be better to follow this thread for some time and then make a new post. You'll get better response and the people helping won't confuse the two similar threads.
    There are a lot of things that can cause what you are seeing but following this thread will help you to understand what is involved.


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