HP 87xm offered for sale
The device is working. It is, as far as I can tell, in full operating condition, the screen is still fully working, the keyboard could use some cleaning but besides seems fine.
It is offered without any peripherals or software. It's powersuply is operatable both at 230V and at 110V without the need for an active converter and uses a standard power cable. For EU buyers, I can include a european style powercable.

Condition is fine, could use a bit of a cleaning, and it is a bit yellowed allthough the device originaly was not completely white.

In it's current shape, it lacks a disc drive and a casette drive. It comes with a proprietary HP-Rom drawer, I am not sure wether it was originaly included or was sold seperately.

I am based in Luxembourg and I am willing to do shipment to EU Countries as well ass UK, Swiss, USA and Canada, other countries I also might consider. I do not offer free shipping.

I consider trading for other working computers.

If required, I can add further information and pictures.

Thank you, Vawe