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Thread: Lisa repair/startup help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by d5aa96 View Post
    Other than your Hard Disk, your system is working fine!

    Your system has the ScreenMod (3A) roms, this is why you see the garbled image on the screen when you boot a "Lisa" disk. You will need to boot the special "ScreenMod" version of the diags disk or MacWorks, none of the LOS disks will work on with the 3A roms.

    BLU will work with the screen mod. Get your keyboard fixed.


    Great to know! Thanks.

    I'll work on making images of those disks (links would be reassuring, but I downloaded some MacWorksXL3.0 images to try). It sounds like a downgrade would require discharging the monitor (which is something I'm still timid about although a skill I need to develop), and burning some new old ROMs. Plus I have work to do with the keyboard and ProFile. If I can get this working with the ScreenMod, I'll probably leave it be. I have another unit that will definitely need more attention to return to functioning state.

    Does anyone suggest routinely recapping Lisa power supplies that work ok?

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    WD-40 is a terrible penetrating oil. It is a halfway decent lubricant and a great rust inhibitor. It's not really appropriate as a lubricant in something that you don't want to have to re-lubricate often.

    Aerosol sprays are almost always a horrible way to apply lubricant.

    3-in-1 oil is good stuff. But not great at what it was designed for: bicycle chains.

    If you want to have an arsenal of lubricants, you should include clock oils and greases, sewing machine oil, gun oil, Hammond oil, synthetic motor oil and Vactra 2.

    If you need a penetrating oil, never settle for less than Kroil. Just don't buy it in an aerosol can. P'blaster makes an ok air tool oil and that's maybe all it's good for, unless you care to use it as cologne.

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    In all honesty having looked at the thread, I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to use the 3 in 1 oil. Nevertheless I decided to use the FAQ which has some useful pictures. I picked up a feeler gauge from Amazon and used that to adjust the brake. It took me a bit to understand what was happening but I must have done something right because the unit booted to MacWorks after I reassembled it! What a wonderful noise! I posted a video on Instagram @deliciousgames

    Next I need to work on the keyboard. I got the replacement pads from, so I should be good to go.

    I also rehabbed the 3.5" drive, which was a 3.5" Sony drive very similar to those in fat Macs and Apple 3.5" drives for Apple II (being a Sun Remarketing "upgraded" Lisa). I highly recommend John Morris' video, which also includes how to add a sync sensor for Applesauce, which you can ignore.

    And finally, I was able to successfully create Lisa disks to boot using the Applesauce device and software (software free when you buy the device). The software is constantly being upgraded and now supports writing 3.5" floppies from dc42 and image files. I made some disks with utilities (including BLU which had some issues related to it's short file length) and some MacWorks disks. You can make 3.5" II, IIgs, Mac and Lisa disks (400K or 800K) with the Applesauce (no sync sensor installation required for unprotected images). 5.25" disk writing is being implemented but the complexities of copy protection have limited inclusion in the public versions of the Applesauce software.


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