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Thread: Cpu's for sale. Some old some new

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    Often with Intel dual Xeon boards, as I understand it, the 2 cpu's have to be matched in every way. This is why you see matched pairs sold on eBay. Probably also means they were pulled from the same operating setup and are more or less guaranteed not to give any problems.

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    I did notice it too before I posted the picture. But they worked fine together in my Asus P2B-DS. The VRM defaulted to 1.70 volts. .05 over volt won't kill the other CPU anytime soon.
    And as for Xeon's I do believe that they need to be a matched pair. Those are mission critical CPU's. PIII's are not. they are more or less hobbyist class CPU's. That can be overclocked etc.
    Something you can't do with a Xeon. Or even want to.
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    Thanks again Frank!


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