I actually live in the town where IOMega started; Ogden, UT.

In a tribute to my home town, have recently embarked on a new project to restore and get a working many of the original Bernoulli boxes.

I have a working:
Bernoulli Box 8" 10+10 using the Alpha-10 drives
Bernoulli Box II 5.25" 20+20
Bernoulli Internal 90, 150
Bernoulli Transportable 230

I am contemplating: These are tremendously expensive because of the rarity of media.
Bernoulli Box 8" 20+20 using the Alpha-20 drives

I am currently working on:
Original Bernoulli Box 10+10 CDS/PC-20 which looks like a IBM PC


The case on this project has some deep scratches that really dictate that the case should be repainted. I'm looking for any advise on repainting and specifically on how to achieve the texture that these old cases have. I have looked here: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthrea...lid-repainting

I am also looking for the original software that shipped with the various Bernoulli's. I have V4.60 and V4.70 of the RCD utilities. I have uploaded what I have to Vetusware. I am currently looking for V7.0 and any other versions not mentioned, and the various ROM's that shipped with the PC2B cards.

So, if anyone has the V7.0 or other Bernoulli utilities disks / files or case painting techniques / advice....I would love to hear from you.

Chris V.