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Thread: X10 Home Automation Modules (Attn: TRS-80 CoCo users)

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    I don't know... I've been using it in my entire residence for almost 20 years now and the problems I've had are minor. SCRs that die and 4-button RF wall switches that lose their programming because the battery is loose are the only real problems I've had. But then I keep my power clean for other reasons.

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    Same here. Aside from the odd SCR and those crappy buttons on the wireless remotes I haven't had many problems in more than thirty years; 95% reliability's good enough for me and they've solved quite a few issues for me aside from the usual lighting control (but it's also pretty useful to be able to velcro one or more wireless light switches anywhere you like on the wall). I've got pretty well all the computer interfaces including Micromint's PLIX but never really found a use for them.
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