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Thread: VCF Pacific Northwest 2020: March 21st and 22nd!

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    Default VCF Pacific Northwest 2020: March 21st and 22nd!

    (We're doing it again!)

    VCFPNW_2019_Day1-7.jpg -- MVIMG_20190323_103139.jpg

    The Vintage Computer Federation is pleased to announce Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2020! We will be at Living Computers:Museum+Labs in Seattle Washington on Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, 2020.

    To make this happen we are looking for exhibitors, speakers and volunteers. Last year we had 28 exhibits and 6 presentations. We had a great time, we broke the museum attendance record (again), and we are looking to have a good time again in March.

    If you are thinking of traveling from outside of the region there is plenty to do in Seattle while you are here. Local attractions include the Connections Museum, the Pacific Science Center, MoPOP, the Boeing factory tour, Mr. Rainier, etc. Victoria, British Columbia is also a short distance away. See a more complete list at .

    Details about VCF PNW 2020 can be found at . The exhibitor registration instructions can be found at . I'm happy to answer questions by email too.

    Mike or

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    I feel obligated to do it again but I have no idea what to do this time.
    To everyone else: Do it. The whole event was a blast.
    = Excellent space heater

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    I keep thinking about offering to do a talk on my TVT build. But between work and my fear of embarrassing myself with my lack of technical knowledge.. yeah. But I am definitely getting down there as soon as I can. Wish we had one on this side of the border.

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    If you are even slightly thinking about it let me know offline and we can talk about what to expect.

    I think that a lot of people undersell themselves in this type of situation. If you are passionate about your project and are reasonably technically proficient then you have nothing to worry about. I find that after about two or three minutes people get comfortable, especially if it is a topic that they love. I also work with our speakers and give them feedback on the material long before they show up.

    We have quite a few visitors from BC who make the trek to Seattle. It's an easy trip compared to some of our previous exhibitors and speakers who came from Europe.

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    Just a gentle reminder ...

    The event is five months away. That seems like a long time but we all know how quickly that will pass.

    If you are curious about what to expect check out the archive of the 2019 event and the exhibitor faq. I can answer questions here or through email.

    It'll be a great time and everybody who has participated has found it rewarding. Don't be shy!


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