Having completed rebuilding my childhood Tandy 1000 TX, I'm trying to locate something that might closely approximate the first system I ever purchased for myself, Pentium 90 PC compatible built by Royal Electronic Inc in California. This was a run of the mill PC clone in a beige full tower which as best I can recall looked exactly like the Royal Media Master IV shown on page 175 of the September 1994 issue of PC Magazine. I'm almost certain I ordered it from a late summer 1994 issue of Computer Shopper magazine, which I read religiously. To bring these system down to an 'affordable' $3,000 with shipping, I faxed in an order for less RAM than the standard 16MB and an IDE rather than SCSI hard drive. I don't recall whether it came with a modem and I'm not sure whether it had a sound blaster compatible card or I added one later.

As best I recall, the specs might have been
Pentium 90 MHz CPU, passively cooled with FDIV bug (never fixed, never had any problems)
8 MB ram
NEC multi-speed CD-ROM drive
3.5" floppy drive
Maxtor 340 MB HDD
Cirrus Logic SVGA card (no clue which one)
KFC monitor (I definitely remember the Kuo Feng Corp 'fried chicken' monitor)

I'd be absolutely blown away to receive any information that could help me locate one of these! I've been searching for with no success for more than a decade. Hopefully someone in the area where these were manufactured has at least seen an AT full tower case that looks like the PC Magazine ad mentioned above. I'd love to buy or trade for one of those, or any of the original components, or even just the case badge. If memory serves, the logo was an apple with "Royal" in blue, or maybe just a blue 'R'. I could be wrong and I can't find a print ad showing that logo anywhere online.

Has anyone ever heard of this company? As best I can tell, they may have exited the PC clone business before the year 2000 and become an online distributor of video games.