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Thread: Someone in NM cleaning out storage locker Oct 16-23

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    Default Someone in NM cleaning out storage locker Oct 16-23

    See HERE.

    -- Original poster is NOT me. --

    Poster says everything is free, first come, first serve.
    I won't be able to be there, but I'm posting here in the hope that someone else will be able to visit.
    Current favorites: IBM 5160 (EGA+Hercules, 4 floppies, ST-225, XT-IDE), Compaq Portable ii (replaced PSU and keyboard, EMS card), ASR 33 Teletype (needs work), Apple ][e
    Wishlist: Toshiba Libretto docking station, IBM 5161 (expansion chassis), IBM Professional Graphics Controller (PGC), IBM 3270 PC keyboard card, Tandy disk-video interface (for Model 100-series), DG Nova IO controller, and the meaning of life.

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    Oh, nifty. I could make it, but its one of those things where I'm hesitant to because of it's first come first serve nature. I'm only available on Saturday the 19th. I don't have a reddit account.


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