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Thread: SOL-20 Personality module 4 x MM5204

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Holden View Post
    The Sols are worth saving that is for sure.

    I built a Martin Eberhard ME5204 programmer and I've acquired some MM5204 IC's. I am going to build an exact replica of the module in my Sol. I will post it when it is done.

    (Mr. Eberhard did a really terrific & professional job on that programmer, the hardware side of things, the firmware too and the supporting documentation, it is really very impressive and I count myself very lucky to have one)
    I agree Martin does great work. I have his 1702 programmer and have his 5204 programmer, but I have yet to built it. I needed the 1702, so I built that one as soon as I got it. I really need to build the 5204 one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey986 View Post
    PT used whatever was the cheapest EPROMs they could get. They had a 2708 version of the personality module which could have one actual ROM chip with a jumper change or the two 2708. I have one of each in addition to the MM5204 version. Iím also a saver of lost Sols.
    There is a version with AM9216 2K mask rom, so that would be the one chip version of the module, and 2 chips if the 1k 2708 IC's used and the 4 chips for the MM5204. The SOLOS program is 2K size I think.

    Do you know if there is a UV eprom which replaces as a direct plug in replacement for the 9216 ?

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    I don't believe so--although the pinout is 2716-ish, the chip selects are user-programmable. If you know what they were programmed to, that might generate a list of candidates.


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