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Thread: How to make an IDE cable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bworp View Post
    Correct. I've always just called every ribbon cable inside a computer an IDE cable - a bad habit from never having been corrected by anybody who knows better!
    IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics (Hard drives, CD & DVD drives etc.)
    IDC: Insulation-Displacement Contact (Connectors and cables).

    So, most IDE cables are also IDC cables, but not necessarily vice versa

    Same here; I regularly rework IDC cables to suit the particular layout using a sharp knife and a vise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwestlife View Post
    There are also round IDE cables, which may be more practical than trying to squeeze a flat one through limited space.
    Quote Originally Posted by NeXT View Post
    These defeat the purpose of each signal line being separated by a ground on higher speed disks and controllers for the purpose of reducing noise and crosstalk. These things are terrible.
    And especially not for a floppy drive cable which is what the OP wants.
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