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Thread: Dark Green Slot Rev 0s

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    Apple II rev 0 boards were not buggy. There were some improvements, enhancements and cost reductions made along the way, but for all intents and purposes an Apple II rev 0 PCB would reliably run virtually all the software that would run on a rev 7 PCB.

    There were a couple of issues, such as the first character being dropped after power up, but none of them would be considered show-stoppers. If you were bothered by the missing features, such as the extra hi-res colors, the changes were small enough that you could always add them to the board.

    Mike Willegal

    Quote Originally Posted by groink View Post
    My logic is that why collect a version of a product that is buggy? This is the equivalent of collecting factory-defective baseball cards, or dollar bills that were not cut correctly. The Rev 0 is technically a lousy and problematic version of the board, hence the multiple reversions of said board. I would think that the case and bottom alone is what is valued, and anything inside is irregardless because, as [falter] pointed out, at the time you actually used the equipment during the late 1970s/early 1980s, you just wanted a working computer, and everyone took advantage of the revisions of the guts of the computer.

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    So my Rev 0 finally arrived.. I'm going to get to powering it up soon but I'm curious... to me the case plastic feels a little bit.. I don't know... not as dense as the one on my Rev 02. Is that my imagination? Or did they dial in the case making process/material a bit somewhere between the Rev 0 and down the line?


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