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Thread: Franklin ACE 1200 and the Dual Interface card

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    Default Franklin ACE 1200 and the Dual Interface card

    I am trying to use my Franklin ACE 1200 and its dual interface card to connect to a WiModem232. I have been trying to use ASCII Express as a communications software but I don't believe that it supports the dual interface card. Is anyone aware of a communications software that would work with the Franklin dual interface card?

    In terms of dual interface card configuration, I have set up switch group 3 for modem use: 1 (on), 2 (off), 3 (on), 4 (off), 5 (on), 6 (off), 7 (off), 8 (on). Switch group 2 has been set as 1 (on), 2 (on), 3 (off), 4 (on), 5 (off), 6 (off), 7 (on) - which is for no parity, 8 bits, 300 baud. 300 baud is indeed the default baud rate of the WiModem232.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

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    Sorry, I just saw this post.

    I don't remember Franklin ever getting any terminal emulator software companies to add support for that card. Someone wrote one in-house and we all just used that and/or modified it a bit. There was a pretty nice driver for Franklin's Z80 card (Applicard) and several people wrote serial code to work with it. I just looked quickly through my disk collection and didn't happen to see anything labeled as a DOS based terminal program for that card.

    Is there a mini terminal emulator in the EPROM? I didn't work on that board and can't quite remember what was in the EPROM.

    Good luck.


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    You should be able to access the serial interface through PR#n, with "n" being the card's phantom slot number, in accordance with the setting of DIP switch S1. Phantom slot number 2 would have switch 6 ON, with the rest OFF.

    There is also a mini-terminal you can access via CALL 256*n+49208. Do not use this while in 80-column mode.


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