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Thread: Micro Technology MTU K1008-8 keyboard graphics

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    Default Micro Technology MTU K1008-8 keyboard graphics


    I have been working with a MTU K1008 graphics board (another hi res graphics board, similar too, but not the same as the Supersoft board I have been messing with recently), which needed several replacement memory chips before it would work as designed.

    Now it’s working I have been reviewing what can be found on the internet and it seems the supporting Machine Code graphics software routines cannot be found anywhere. Currently I am only able to create hi res plots using basic.

    Does anyone have one of these boards and in particular any supporting software routines such as the “keyboard graphics”?

    It would be great to preserve the software online if anyone is able to supply it.

    Thanks in advance

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    I remembered this post of yours from last fall; I have an MTU board and a disk of stuff for it but unfortunately it was really inconvenient at the time to look for the disk.

    However, as I was testing and archiving some other stuff I ran across it; if you're still looking then PM me your email address and I'll send you the .D64 image.

    I don't have the board installed and set up at the moment so I can't check it out but here's what's on the disk (the kgp files sound interesting):

    0 ."pet users " 20 2a
    1 "--vismem 20--" prg
    19 "spacewar/2048" prg
    31 "space war 4.0" prg
    12 "vm lander" prg
    10 "reeftanks" prg
    17 "design" prg
    4 "sputnik" prg
    3 "visigen/24k" prg
    7 "life 320x200" prg
    17 "billiards" prg
    2 "show slide" prg
    3 "visigen/32k" prg
    1 "bounce ball/kgp" prg
    6 "shape defn/kgp" prg
    6 "multiplot/kgp" prg
    14 "threedplot" prg
    3 "walking bird" prg
    2 "wtloobsc/kgp" prg
    7 "letter prg/kgp" prg
    2 "vmdump/$6000" prg
    40 "exdraw3" prg
    44 "exdraw5" prg
    7 "credits" seq
    16 "snoopy.d" seq
    3 "love me" seq
    2 "sample figure" seq
    2 "kgp.xdrw.boot" prg
    42 "exdraw6" prg
    6 "vmd4.s" seq
    1 "vmd4.b" prg
    4 "" prg
    32 "snoopy.p" prg
    3 "vxy.vmdmp.b" prg
    4 "vxy.dmp.bsc4" prg
    11 "a/d-plot demo" prg
    12 "a/d-plot both" prg
    15 "a/d-plot" prg
    4 "}rotate" prg
    5 "quadratic" prg
    3 "3-d plot1" prg
    4 "diagnostic" prg
    2 "foxvsrabbits" prg
    1 "eor vm 826" prg
    1 "clr vm 826" prg
    16 "draw ckts" prg
    13 "blk0" seq
    3 "b5" seq
    2 "b5bin" prg
    9 "vm blk" prg
    3 "boot graphics1.2" prg
    5 "universal dos" prg
    1 "seevis" prg
    1 "see.go" prg
    33 "vis.g1a" prg
    1 "vm gnt mosq-tr" prg
    9 "vm char 4.0" prg
    2 "vm pntr dump" prg
    3 "vm big dump" prg
    3 "hat" prg
    3 "bowl" prg
    2 "rosette" prg
    2 "sqr" prg
    6 "graphic wedge.2" prg
    18 "kgp4 demo" prg
    24 "kgp4 exdraw" prg
    4 "add data" prg
    5 "good 132" prg
    5 "commands" prg
    1 "boot for mtu" prg
    32 "mtu kgp4 32k" prg
    27 blocks free.
    00, ok,00,00


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