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Thread: Vintage Computer Warehouse Liquidation

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    Quote Originally Posted by legalize View Post
    What's the quick synopsis of the Houston Computer Museum? This was someone's collection that went bye-bye when the person died or something?
    It was a non-profit run by John Keys that failed due to lack of funding
    The collection was stored in a space that was water damaged in the hurricane a few years back
    A few pictures at from the SDS 910 that came from CHM in 2010

    You can find posts from him on cctalk asking for money
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    took some digging to find
    here is John's last message which I forwarded to cctlk from alt.folklore.computers

    From aek at Fri Sep 4 11:45:33 2015
    From: aek at (Al Kossow)
    Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2015 09:45:33 -0700
    Subject: Keys resurfaces
    Message-ID: <>

    Saw this in AFC

    Another water damaged collection heading to the landfill


    Subject: Houston (and everywhere else), we have ... an opportunity
    From: hlctminfo at
    Injection-Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2015 15:37:06 +0000

    My name is John Keys, and I incorporated the Houston Computer Museum in May=
    2003 as 501(c)(3) non-profit.

    I've been good at collecting things. I've have various PDPs, an HP3000, SE=
    L 810A, SDS 910, and a Cray YMP/EL8. I have an IBM 083 card sorter and sev=
    eral keypunchs (models 024, 026, 029 and 129). I have over 1,200 books and=
    manuals. And those are just a small sample.

    That's the good news.

    The bad news is that it's all in storage, in my home, or in a 3,300 square-=
    foot warehouse. I don't have exhibit space. You might have heard that it =
    rains in Houston; the warehouse has flood damage that needs to be mitigate=

    I haven't been good at getting the 21st century to work for me, and this is=
    where you come in. I need a functional web page, one that makes it easier=
    for people to donate online. I need a contact email link that works.

    If you can help me get this done, I'd be grateful.

    What's at stake? I'm 70 years old, and if I can't make a go of this, all t=
    hat equipment will get recycled or hauled off for scrap or dumped in a land=
    fill. And all of that documentation will go with it.

    If you can help me with web hosting and web page design, let me know. Advi=
    ce is nice -- I've had lots of it -- but what I really need is people who c=
    an step up and do what I haven't done. I need help in cleaning all these ar=
    tifacts that were damaged by the flood. Contact me by email discuss how you=
    can help.

    If there are enough people out there who care about this stuff, we can do t=
    his. You don't have to live in Houston. You don't have to live on the Gul=
    f Coast. It's even OK if you don't live in Texas.

    To donate online, go to and click on "Don=

    To contact me, send email to hcmjkeys at yahoo dot com.

    Once we have something presentable, come visit. And thanks very much for r=
    eading this.

    John Keys

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    This warehouse is the remains of the Houston Computer Museum. The items inside the warehouse do not appear to have been flooded, and I was also informed by the landlord that the property did not flood during Hurricane Harvey.

    I have not yet found the IBM keypunches, the Cray, or the SDS 910, but have found the IBM 083 and two 552 interpreters. I am accepting offers on those items.

    Please email me at if you have any questions.

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    Years ago, I sent some stuff to John. Too bad that he's had to give it up.

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    Do the VT100s include the keyboards?

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    If any of those 1970's HP computers are an HP-85, I'd be interested in it.

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