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Thread: Vintage Computer Warehouse Liquidation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngtwolf View Post
    Hah, because the post office is so reliable.
    I use it extensively and have found that to be quite accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    You likely forgot to set up a proper SPF record. gmail rejects outright without a valid SPF record.

    I only send from my own server, and all my gmail friends have always received my emails just fine.
    I did not forget a proper SPF record.

    If you are communicating with friends on gmail, probably means you have corresponded with them regularly enough, getting to some level of whitelisting. For the rest of us, we have to tell people to look in their spam folder and click "not spam".

    Also lets be clear, I am talking about self-hosted email service, not using google as MX for your domain either.

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    I am 100% self-hosted since before gmail existed.

    Spam is not the same issue as SMTP delivery reliability. I can send and receive email with anyone -- if my email lands in their spam folder, that's a willful choice on their end, not the result of anything wrong with the transport. The email was *delivered* successfully.
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    @ CPE1704TKS

    Do you have any further details on the Cray Y-MP? How much are you looking to get for it? I take it that it would ship freight?

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    I'm interested in hearing what Amiga stuff is available?

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    I would love any old socket5/7 mainboards you come across

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    The liquidation has ended. I would like to thank all who have attended my sales or purchased from me.

    Mods, please close or delete this thread, as it is no longer applicable.

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