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Thread: Nine Tiles Multilink network

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    Default Nine Tiles Multilink network

    I only became aware of this networking system recently, when I saw an adapter for it on eBay. Google turned up a few more leads, and I was able to create a web page gathering together just about everything that the Internet seems to know about it.

    If anyone's got any more information relating to this system (or even drivers for it) I'd be fascinated to hear it!

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    Thanks for your interesting web page. In addition to hardware, a quantity of software was donated to CCH. In due course, it should be possible to share further documentation.

    On 10th October 2019, John Grant is speaking about networking in the 1980s at the Centre for Computing History. Details are on the museum's website.



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    I'll try to be patient, then, and keep trying to disassemble the firmware ROM of the one I've got.

    I'd noticed the John Grant talk - not sure how straightforward it would be for me to get there (and back afterwards) on a weekday evening, though.


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