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Thread: VCF Midwest 14 Thread

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    Default VCF Midwest 14 Thread

    The 14th Vintage Computer Festival Midwest has ended - and what a show it was! We're just now starting to catch our breath, regroup and paste up some links to photos and videos. You can find the ones we've collected so far here:

    If you have any we've missed, please post them in this thread and we'll add them to the page.

    Are you on our mailing list? For all the latest VCF Midwest news and updates straight from the source, that's the place to be. It's unidirectional and always spam-free:

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    Yep, we added that video to the VCFMW retrospectives playlist here:
    Offering a bounty for:
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    Who was displaying the Sorcerer running Kilopede?

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    The videos are up!

    The last of the VCF Midwest 14 Talks videos, shot in glorious 4K and lovingly edited by the intrepid Trixter, have been rendered and posted to our YouTube channel:

    Check out the Talks you missed this year and in years past, as well as select attendees' videos that we've linked from our page.

    If you'd like, click the Subscribe button on our profile to let us know you want to see more.

    Thanks to all those who presented at VCFMW this year and to all that shot video when we were too busy to document our own show. For some of us, it's the only way we see it.

    'Til next year...

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