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Thread: Using high rpm fans with a fan controller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    You want filtered air to blow into the case--having airflow in the reverse direction is bad news for things like CD and floppy drives. I've been guilty of opening PSUs just to change the airflow direction.

    There does (or used to) exist filters with airflow restriction detection. Industrial rack-mount cases usually have large filters and fans that blow clean air into the case.

    Perhaps the worst "innovation" was the floor stand that allowed one to sit a PC XT or AT on its side on the floor, where all the dirt resides.
    Just curious, what would happen to the floppy and CD drives? I've never done it before, thank goodness.

    Here is my new airflow idea. All I did was reverse the side panel fans so I have an even balance of positive and negative pressure. Is it important for it to be balanced?

    Is my airflow design good for cooling my system better?
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