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Thread: Hercules Graphics Card (HGC), GB102, 1984

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    Default Hercules Graphics Card (HGC), GB102, 1984

    Just for information, here is the original Hercules Graphics Card, version GB102 from 1984. So far I only knew the GB101 from 1983. After that there are of course the so-called later cards like the Hercules Graphics Card Plus, ...

    Hercules Card GB102_01.jpg
    Hercules Card GB102_06.jpg
    Hercules Card GB102_05.jpg

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    So basically a bit more integration on the 102 than the 101, but no additional features?

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    Unfortunately, I only have the manual for the GB101. I have also tested HBASIC for DOS 2.0/2.1. Works fine like on the GB101. There is probably nothing more to say about the GB102.

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