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    Hello, VCF!

    I got my first taste of a PDP-11 in 1996 while working for a local calling... It was a 11/83 running RSTS/E and managing all of the slots on the boat. It was the biggest computer system I had seen in my still young career and I was intrigued. I leaned all I could about it and what it did, and how it could keep up with the equivalent IBM equipment on a sister boat. Since I couldn't use those machines, I stayed playing around with emulation... I was hooked.

    I am an avid fan of ancient Unix and developing for older machines. I have SIMH and a PiDP 11/70 at the house and would like to do some actual work on a real machine. That's one of the reasons I'm here... To get advice and equipment so I can build my own machine!

    I'm not all about DEC though... I also enjoy the Commodore scene, and I'm developing my own single board computers. Most recently I have been working on a m68010 computer. It's all self taught, so progress is often a little slow.

    I also enjoy rebuilding things... I've done a top end rebuild on my truck which was quite an experience. I just picked up a Suzuki which I am in the process of dropping the engine to evaluate how much damage there is.

    I have a few things that I could trade, but not nearly as much as I once had. Maybe that will change in the future 😁

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    Welcome. I think you'll find a lot of commonalities with people here.
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