I am listing this here in this forum, because this is the place where the target audience looks (and some may just enjoy looking at the pictures.) I am moving and need to turn some heavy, volume occupying, non-core Heathkit equipment into things that are more useful to me. So I have for trade the following, to be traded to a good home (someone who does component level repairs) for some pdp-8 related stuff (discussed in more detail below). Everything is immaculately clean because I tore it all down and cleaned everything. I worked on all these myself. This is currently in Westchester County NY, but I somewhat frequently make the drive to Washington DC, so it can be transported by car. I have no interest in shipping by other means because it is not worth the risk and there should be some interest here in the northeast / mid-atlantic area.

We have:

*** Heathkit H11A that I hot-rodded (no Heatkit boards left inside, all DEC). I got it largely as just a case and power supply that needed a lot of work. It was cleaned, repainted, repaired, and I put what I wanted inside the chassis:

M8192 KDJ11-A (11/73)
M7195 MXV11-B2
M7156 DELQA (and I include an AUI to 10BT adapter)
M7555 RQDX3
M3106 DZQ11 (and I include a breakout cable/box that goes to four Yost RJ45)

And there are still three open dual-height slots. The backplane is currently modified for Q18.

My intent was to use this as a system to demonstrate RT-11 MU Basic (multi-user basic). 128k of memory is plenty. You have one H19 (see below) as the console with the H14 (see below) as the hardcopy output. Four other terminals are connected to the DZQ11 when RT-11 is sysgenned for multi-terminal support. This all did work. Also, I had the DELQA in there to use Prof. Baldwin's RT11 TCP/IP package ( This worked also. See that the back of the cabinet has been worked to bring all these connections out neatly. The 50 pin Centronics is for the RQDX3, the DC37 is for the M3106, AUI for the DELQA and DB25Ms (DTE) are the console and printer SLUS). Mass storage was the RD32 (ST-125 actually) and RX33s in the separate box. I am deliberating if I want to include the separate home-made box with the RD32 and two RX33 drives. If this is a must have, I can include it.


*** Two H19's which I repaired with a modification to the keyboard encoder:


*** H14 Printer that needs a part made to repair the tractor feed (just never got around to having the part made. Broken one is



I have H11, H14, and H19 manuals from Heathkit.

So what I am looking for specifically is some number of these specific items:

* H960 side panel (we need one, we have the rack already with one side panel.)
* H960 masthead panel (ideally, one with pdp8/e on it.)
* M8340/M8341 KE8E EAE
* M8433 RL8A
* Hex height omnibus (8/a) 10 slot backplane in chassis with power supply and BC80C cable to properly connect the 8/a backplane as expansion on the quad-height 8/e
* M869/M885 VC8E (although I should really just build Roland's)
* M???? RL278 (for Decmate I)

Make an offer that makes us both happy!