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Thread: IBM PS/2 Model 80 floppy calbe

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    Default IBM PS/2 Model 80 floppy calbe


    Anyone got one? Would you mind taking a picture of it? I'm trying to bodge one out of a clone cable and flailing around.

    Yes, I've tried

    Doesn't work because the model 80 and 9590/8590/8595/9595 floppy cables are different.
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    Looking For:
    IBM PS/2 8595 Motherboard
    MCA sound card (will pay big bucks)
    IBM PC Server 720/others

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    Have you tried
    Model's 60, 65 and 80 have the same P/N cables i.e. 1/3 Ht. Diskette Drive Cable 34F0036 or 1/2 Ht. Diskette Drive Cable 72X8543.. Others might have a different P/N due to length or how they are bent..

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    Default PS80 Photos

    Hi there..
    I have two PS/80's and they are different..

    The first one is 8580-321 or a a 80-386, it has the following cable..
    20191023_082326.jpg The front of the drive
    20191023_081916.jpg Overview photo
    20191023_082021.jpg One side
    20191023_082034.jpg Other side
    20191023_082039.jpg Closeup Motherboard end
    20191023_082050.jpg Closeup Floppy end
    20191023_082055.jpg Closeup mother board end other side

    The second one is 8580-111 or just a 80 model
    20191023_082802.jpg The front of the drive
    20191023_082838.jpg Overview photo
    20191023_083003.jpg Overview photo

    As you can see they have different cables depending on the diskette drive and/or the motherboard. Here is a listing of all the PS/2 diskette drive and cable p/n from IBM. Note these are the latest numbers as some of them changed over time..
    There are some resources on the net that talk about the different interfaces of the PS line diskette drives.. You can always measure on the motherboard the pins for +5v and +12v and ground pins to be sure not to fry anything.
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    There are a number of points:

    1) the 8580-111 (110MB ESDI drive and controller) has the 40-pin floppy+power connector and card-edge drives and cable connectors.
    2) the 8580-321 (320MB SCSI drive and controller) has the "normal" 34-pin floppy drives with separate power.
    3) IBM PS/2 3.5" floppy drives are all jumpered as Drive 1 and the twist between A: and B: connectors swaps DS0&1 and ME0&1 respectively.



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