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Thread: Compact Flash on IBM 5170

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    Default Compact Flash on IBM 5170

    Hello all. I'm trying to set up a compact flash on an IBM 5170. I've switched the original BIOS chips for Quadtel and I'm using a Seagate Hard Drive and floppy controller. I have a CF card that I already got working and I can read it by booting to the floppy and reading the C drive. I think my issues can be summarized here:
    I don't know the correct "Hard Drive" settings in Bios to address a 128mb Compact Flash card.
    I can get it to boot if I use an 8-bit XTIDE card, but then the CF is only using 8 bit bus and not the 16 bit bus. (If it's not too much of a performance hit then this is the solution I'll go with)
    If I plug the CF into the Seagate controller the XTIDE bios can't see it and it won't boot to the drive.
    I don't know if I need to use both the XTIDE universal bios or if I can get the proper settings to just use the Quadtel Bios and save myself a slot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated or if this has already been addressed pointing me to the proper thread would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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    Use the XT-IDE BIOS and a regular IDE controller. In my 5170 I have a ROM chip in my network card (3C509 card) that has the XT-IDE BIOS on it, and I plug my CF into a regular 16bit IDE controller. Works perfectly.

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    Thatís what Iím trying to do, but it doesnít work perfectly. Is this because my xtide has an ide controller as well? is there a way to disable it? Itís the one made by Tex-elec.



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