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Thread: Announce: uRTC-8 board for CP/M computers

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    Default Announce: uRTC-8 board for CP/M computers


    Following discussion of a real time clock board for the PCW over on the CPCWiki forum, I'm pleased to announce that work on the hardware design and software utility is now complete.

    The documentation is available on the Wiki:

    The basic price for the board, fully built and tested, is 37 plus shipping. Please read the wiki page to find out more.

    At this time there is only a limited number of boards, but I can acquire more if the demand is there. Please let me know if you want one, and I will maintain a list. If you have uIDE-8 on your computer, you will need to add a third 40 way connector to your Z80 bus cable, if there isn't one there already. Orient it the same way round as the one your uIDE-8 is plugged into. If you don't have uIDE-8, you will need either a Z80 shim or PCW expansion board, plus a Z80 bus cable in addition to the uRTC board. See the uIDE wiki page for details of how to connect uRTC to the computer, and pretend that it is talking about uRTC rather than uIDE!

    The board is universal, so can be connected to any Z80 computer, just like uIDE. The utility uRTC.COM supports the PCW and Superbrain computers at this time, though of course we can add more.


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    Hi Jon

    I will be getting a working NorthStar Horizon 4MHz Z80 system in the not too distant future, so I am very interested in both the uRTC and the uIDE. Put me on the list - thanks!
    Bob Stek
    Saver of Lost Sols

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    OK Bob. How are you fixed for IDE drivers for the Northstar?

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    OK, first batch (of four units) is ready to ship. There will be a slight delay while I wait for more clock chips...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonB View Post
    OK Bob. How are you fixed for IDE drivers for the Northstar?
    None at present - I will be getting an IDE S-100 board from Bill Sudbrink but I'm not sure what drivers he may have with it; he does have several Horizons.

    I am not sure about a shim - I do know that the CPU board does not have the PROM option installed above the CPU - just bare board, not even a socket.
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    Bob Stek
    Saver of Lost Sols


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