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Thread: Schematic from a netlist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    Hi Chuck
    Although, I'm sure it isn't what you are looking for, the ATPG tool I use at work takes a net list and draws a schematic on the screen that can be captured into a print. It hardly makes sense to buy a few hundred K product to do schematics from a net list.
    I'm sure there must be one out there.
    There is a commercial program, which I use. I don't know how much it costs. Mainly geared towards IC design, which the problem is schematics are hard to obtain from the vendor, but you have the netlist.

    It's the best I've seen. There are other programs that can do similar. I don't think I've seen it in ATPG, but I've seen programs that can do some level of this in other digital tools. There is an import in Virtuoso, but it's pretty messy.

    Chuck sounds he wants to create the schematic view from netlist automatically without having to route the wires. But I don't see how this beats drawing it yourself so it's readable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxtherabbit View Post
    only way around that is to make/import different symbol libraries
    That is what I've been doing. I have to give bogus names to everything.


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