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    I'm new here, but much older everywhere else.

    I'm a nostalgia nut for last century's computers, the older the better -- but grew up in the 8-bit boom of the 70s and 80s.

    Recently I've been researching enthralling topics like government regulation around computers in 1979. (Would you like to know more?)

    Once I've lurked long enough and had my fill of other's PDP war stories I'm sure I'll start pestering people with questions

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    Welcome to the dark side...
    Thomas Byers (DRI)- "You'll have a million people using the A> [MS-DOS prompt] forever. You'll have five million using [nongraphic] menu systems such as Topview, Concurrent PC-DOS, Desq, and those types. But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces."


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