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Thread: How do you do?

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    Default How do you do?

    After reading some of the historical accounts of the development of Unix, I gained an interest in DEC minicomputers. I did dabble somewhat with PDP-11 assembly, but got confounded when it came to the system stuff; what the text had and what I got (errors) left me stumped.

    While reading IBM's Early Computers, I spotted an IBM Multiprise 3000 was up for auction by the state. Unable to attend, it was sold to a scrap dealer. Happily, the state property people were willing to play middleman, and now I own an IBM mainframe.

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    Good effort.
    Thomas Byers (DRI)- "You'll have a million people using the A> [MS-DOS prompt] forever. You'll have five million using [nongraphic] menu systems such as Topview, Concurrent PC-DOS, Desq, and those types. But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces."


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