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Thread: Updates in progress at the VCF Computer Museum in the New York Metro area(New Jersey)

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    Default Updates in progress at the VCF Computer Museum in the New York Metro area(New Jersey)

    We received a lovely donation from Nokia to do some improvements in our museum to do more live demos. So I figured we can share some of the progress.

    First, we bought 10 LCD televisions to hook up to the top row of displays where it's impractical to have a vintage monitor. This will allow us to have demos running on machines like our Sol-20, Vic-20, Atari 800 and Tandy CoCo.

    We also put up an announcement sign in the hallway outside our door. The current video display system (TV) hanging from the ceiling is really missed by many people and until we move it to a better place this will have to do.

    I also put my youngest son to work scraping our "sign" at the entrance to Infoage because it was peeling very badly. We painted it white with correct outdoor paint (I think it was spray painted before with white auto primer or something). Later in the week we will add reflective lettering that says "Computer Museum". A bit captain obvious, but we are dealing with the public, LOL...

    Below are some pics of the work... We hope to finish this and a few other projects in the next two weeks as we have some parts on order.



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    Sweet! The sign was looking very tired.
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