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Thread: Tandy 1400LT NEC V30/V40

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    Default Tandy 1400LT NEC V30/V40

    I recently found a Tandy 1400 at a yard sale. Just brainstorming any possibilities others have succeeded with the Tandy 1400

    Has anyone ever attempted a CPU upgrade on a Tandy 1400LT? Will the BIOS recognize an NEC V30 or V33 CPU?

    I've seen some XT-IDE cards for the "Expansion" ISA card in the back as well. Wondering if anyone has tried anything else especially wild, such as RAM upgrades.


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    It already uses an NEC V20; you can't upgrade that to a V30 as the BIU is different, nor a V40 as the architecture is different. I suppose you might be able to use a speedup board, but that would require snaking a ribbon cable to the CPU socket (and if there is no socket, you'd have to desolder the CPU and replace it with a socket) so this isn't really recommended.

    Here's another user's account with the 1400 LT:
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    The only expansion ever made available for the 1400 series, as far as I know, is the CompactFlash Adapter for the Tandy 1400 Laptops. The 1400 series has 768KB of RAM, which is more than the typical amount available to an 8088/V20/8086/V30 system. Virtually all ISA bus signals are present on the expansion slot, so you could design anything in theory that could use the expansion if you can fit it onto the physical dimensions of the card.

    This is what is available, and there may be some compatibility issues with getting it to work with a 1400 LT.
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    Thanks both, this is the clarity I was looking for to ensure I wasn't missing anything when looking at threads about other clones.

    I've already taken a look at the XT-IDE. Something for me to give a try when I'm ready to buy and solder everything for some additional storage


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    Many thanks for the helpful answers. Definitely will look into the lo-tech cards.


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