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Thread: Epson QX-10, need help!

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    Default Epson QX-10, need help!

    I just had the good fortune to pick up an Epson qx-10 set and couldn't wait to plug it in. When I did so, it wouldn't turn on. The power supply had a blown fuse but even after replacing it I still don't get the system to turn on. It is not producing any DC voltages at all. Where should I start troubleshooting? Is there a simple drop in replacement?

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    Happy news! I got the power supply to work after swapping in some new components: all voltages are correct and the computer lights up. However, I do not get the "insert diskette" messages that I should be getting. What should I try next?

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    I apologize for the double post but apparently I cannot edit old messages. This is a video of the computer booting with the monitor cranked to maximum brightness. I get no image otherwise, but it seems to be booting, I just can't see it.

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    good chance it's the display cable itself. I owned one of these BITD and heard of cable problems with some. I recall it has 4 or 5 pins, one of them is video, I can't remember if sync is on a separate line or not.
    There is schematics online somewhere

    Larry G


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