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Thread: Epson QX10 and Titan QXPC Documentation & Software

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    Default Epson QX10 and Titan QXPC Documentation & Software


    For years I have had two Titan QXPC cards (original v1) for my Epson QX10 and have had no success booting either one to MSDOS. I am hopeful that someone has the original documentation and perhaps the version 1.xx QXPC boot software.

    The first card seems to pass the QXPC boot diagnostic, but after inserting the MSDOS disk the system freezes with a blank screen and blinking cursor in the upper left (there does not appear to be any attempt to read the MSDOS disk by the drive). I have tried multiple versions of the QXPC boot software from 2.00 - 3 (though 3 seems incompatible with the original QXPC card). I am thinking that perhaps the boot software needs to be the early v1.xx (the available downloads from Dave's site are version 3).

    The second card returns an error code during the QXPC diagnostic of 54. Not having any documentation makes it hard to know where to start.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.

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