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Thread: Amiwest Show 2019 -- Oct. 23 - 27

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    Default Amiwest Show 2019 -- Oct. 23 - 27

    Amigans and those with an interest in Amiga computers... the 22nd Amiwest Show and related events return to Sacramento, California, USA on October 23-27! The Developers' Conference is Oct. 23-24, and the Classic Amiga Day is Oct. 25. The show itself is Oct. 26-27 with the dinner banquet on Oct. 26.

    The location is the

    Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo
    2224 Auburn Blvd.
    Sacramento, California 95821

    For more information and for the times of the show and events, check out the Amiwest webpage at

    Robert Bernardo
    Fresno Commodore User Group

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    Well hot dang, that's just a couple miles from my workplace
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