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Thread: New Hermes Engraver PC

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    Hello all,
    I saved from the trash at my fire company a little 133 MHz Pentium machine, 16MB running Win95, that had some interesting software. It was a "New Hermes" branded PC. It was used to run a New Hermes bench top CNC/Engraver. I tried looking up the software online but can't find it anywhere. I imaged the whole 2GB drive using dd and copied a backup of it onto multiple systems. If anyone has one of these engravers and needs the control software I would be more than happy to provide it. I had an HP/Agilent Telecom Internet Analyzer and nobody had the image for the DOS edition so I could never run the machine after the HDD died. This drove me to back it up for both historical and legacy purposes.

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    The producer of that software (Gravotech?) may not appreciate you distributing it. Industrial equipment with computer specs like that usually aren't exactly "abandonware".

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    I didn’t think it was industrial, commercial maybe, but not industrial it’s pretty small for an engraver. From what I’ve found it’s for jewelry. That why I didn’t host the file with a specific link, it’s available upon request for the historical restoration of machines I doubt they are still supporting these devices I couldn’t find a single Gravotech trademark. Only New Hermes, however I can’t find whether they rebranded as gravotech, according to the gravotech website they were partners, but it makes no mention of a merger/buyout.

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