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Thread: Need some BeBox help

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    Default Need some BeBox help

    Hi everyone!

    I've recently rescued my trusty old dual-66MHz BeBox from a long (~12 year) stint in storage. This is a "Rev. 6" machine (I think, based on markings on the motherboard), has 80megs of RAM, and a 1.2GB SCSI hard drive. I'm excited to get it going again! However, since it's been so long since I last played with it, I'm essentially starting from scratch and could use some help, specifically with two questions:

    1. The "Blinkenlights" on the front of the machine go through an up-down-up-down cycle when I first power the machine on, but as soon as BeOS 4.5 starts to boot, both LED columns go dormant except for the bottom-most LED, and they never bounce to reflect CPU activity. The HDD LED does work as expected. This same behavior happens whether I boot from the internal SCSI hard drive or from my BeOS 4.5 CD-ROM. I've double-checked the flex-cable that connects the LED panel to the motherboard and it seems fine, and there don't seem to be any software settings in the OS or jumpers on the board to enable them, so I'm not sure what to do.

    2. I also have a BeOS Professional 5.0.3 CD-ROM and I'd love to install it on a partition alongside BeOS 4.5. However, going into the boot-menu (by holding the space bar at power-on) never shows the BeOS 5.0.3 CD as a bootable option (the 4.5 CD works fine here), and I cannot select it from the Boot preference panel either. Running the 5.0.3 installer from within 4.5 (trying to install it onto a second blank partition) results in a half-baked installation with TONS of file-copying errors. The CD is an official disc and is in perfect, non-scratched condition, so I'm not sure what to make of this. What do I need to do to get 5.0.3 installed?

    Thanks for any guidance,

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    I think I've read about that Blinkenlights issue at some point in time, not sure if it was in the BeBox faq on the official Be website or on the forums...

    That 5.0.3 version is the one that was sold by Gobe, right?
    Can you try making an image of the disc on another computer, just to check if it is indeed readable without errors?
    Doesn't BeOS 5.0 needs a ROM update of the BeBox over the 4.5 version to run properly, I don't remember right now.

    Last but not least, why do you want to run 5.0.3 over 4.5 on a dual 66MHz BeBox, it will be pretty slow...


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