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Thread: Model 100 , expansion rom question

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    Default Model 100 , expansion rom question

    I got another model 100 recently and it came with a strange option rom labelled disk+.

    I assume this is to connect to an external disk (which I don't have). Does anyone recognize it?


    The call 63012 sequence works as far as I can tell as it updates the menu.


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    Hey, quick reply.
    Disk+ is known for sure. I forget the details but is a place to start. I seem to recall having seen some docs. I may even have the manual.
    I'll take a look what I can see. I think it may include ability to speak over serial to a PC.

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    search string = PCSG Disk+ model 100

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    Thanks! An interesting find. I guess I need to find/make the serial cable now.

    Much appreciated


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