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Thread: Looking for info on TEC FB-201DV floppy drive aka 26-3022

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    Default Looking for info on TEC FB-201DV floppy drive aka 26-3022

    I picked up this drive. Apparently is is a color computer floppy drive, but I don't have (or need) the controller. Best I can tell is it's a 35-track SS drive. The circuit board is quite different from the other floppy drives I've seen. Doesn't appear to have a drive select. I cleaned it up, and it did work with my model I when I used the standard floppy cable.

    Searching the web came up pretty empty. Does anyone have info on this drive?

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    The TEC (Tokyo Electronics Corp.) FB-201 and 202 are pretty much Japanese clones of the Shugart SA-400, right down to the grooved plastic disc-and-follower positioning mechanism. The 26-3022 can be used only as unit 0 on a Coco M1; the 26-3023 can be used as unit 1. The differences are the inclusion of a terminator on the 3022, absent on the 3023, as well as the 3023 having a different drive select.

    They were noted for their unreliability--and were 35 track single-sided units.

    There's not much on these old drives, mostly due to their unpopularity.


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