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Thread: Need some help with running a game (in protected memory) please

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    Default Need some help with running a game (in protected memory) please


    I've been trying to run this game called Morloc's Tower (v2.0) that I downloaded from (it's file # 125814). When I run the program, I get this message:

    "You can't run unless you protect memory."

    I tried changing memory when I boot in (using trs80gp emulator), and that makes the error go away, but it still throws some other error about breaking at certain line #. Any help with getting this game running, please?

    I can run the other versions of Morloc's Tower on that page just fine. Just v2.0 is being a pain.

    (obviously, as you can tell I'm completely new to the world of TRS-80)

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Just a follow-up to this issue.

    I received help from gp2000 (at the TRS-80 discord server). He sent me a dmk boot disk with the fixed version of MORLOC.BAS. You can download it here:

    His modifications to the program:

    I changed line 16 to have KA=-20480 instead of KA=&H0B000

    His reasoning for that:

    The earlier version in the list still seems to POKE stuff in high memory for some reason. You can get away with doing that but the proper thing to do is ensure BASIC doesn't conflict. So my guess is that the other version added the check to ensure there wasn't a problem. Still doesn't explain everything, though.
    KA is a memory address. &HB000 means the address in hexadecimal which is 45056 in decimal. However, BASIC requires addressing memory from 32768 to 65535 using the negative numbers -32768 .. -1. In that scheme -20480 is equivalent to &B000.

    To get it running:

    trs80gp -m3 morlock2.dmk

    Thanks again, gp2000!

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    gp2000 found the solution to his problem in discord earlier;

    trs80gp -m3 morlock2.dmk
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