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Thread: Making Model 1 spacers

  1. Default Making Model 1 spacers

    I've had some success making new Model 1 spacers and thought I'd pass along what I did.

    For background, back in the late 80's you could easily find Model 1s for cheap or free so I collected a lifetime supply of spare parts and systems. They got boxed up and have been in my garage for the last couple of decades. I've got 8 keyboard units plus a bare "parts" motherboard, 4 expansion interfaces, three monitors and a bunch of peripherals (including 2 voice synths). My plan is to bring them back to working condition and then unload all but 2 full systems. I've got most of the keyboard units working again, but need lots of spacers to replace the missing and crumbled ones.

    Because I have a cheap hobby mini-lathe I thought I'd just manufacture some new nylon spacers. It's working pretty well. I got 1/2" nylon rod stock from Online Metals (, popped it in the lathe, drilled out with a "Q" size bit and parted off by eye using an old spacer as a guide. I'd never cut nylon before, but it worked OK. I think slower speeds worked better and this was the first time I'd used the Q drill bit so it was sharp. I didn't use any cutting fluid and so long as I only drilled a couple of inches at a time I had no problems with heat. Biggest time sink was getting rid of the nylon bur.

    A single 1' rod yielded 24 spacers.

    Here's what it looks like:


    (or if that didn't work)


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    Good for you--but are you certain that these aren't stock parts?

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    Interesting. You might also see how others address this:


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