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Thread: Sale figures of DEC PDP-8 models

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    Cool Sale figures of DEC PDP-8 models

    Hi folks

    For a DEC PDP-8 serial registry project - a site with links and model, feature, installation, add-ons... to (m)any existing PDP-8s I want to compare to all sold PDP-8, too.
    Does somebody knows, if there's is already such a project ?

    Therefore I need the number of all sold PDP-8s.
    Does anyone have (more or less official) sale figures for the different DEC PDP-8 models?
    - straight 8
    - LINC-8
    - PDP-8/S
    - PDP-8/I
    - PDP-8/L
    - pdp-8/e
    - lab-8/e
    - pdp-8/f
    - pdp-8/m
    - pdp-8/a
    - DEC-Station 78 / VT-78

    - Worldwide?
    - US only?
    - Europe?
    - Germany?
    - any other country?

    Any figures would be helpful!
    Please also add the origin of these figures.



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    I would have thought the DEC section would be a better place for this.

    You should also add the DECSet 8000 which is another re-badged 8/e. Sold as a typesetter for Classified Ads to newspapers.

    Then there are the DECMates I, II, III, and III+.

    You might also consider the LINC 8 and the PDP-12 because both of them are PDP-8's. The LINC-8 is a Straight 8 and the PDP-12 is an 8/I both with an additional processor or I guess you could call it a co-processor.

    Good luck with this!

    There were at least 1173 Straight 8's made because that is the serial number of my machine. This one was delivered in 1967, not sure when but I got the impression it was in the fall.
    Doug Ingraham
    2nd owner of Straight 8 SN1173
    5 other PDP-8's including an 8/i and a DECSet 8000

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    Doug Jones made a nice overview with some production numbers.
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