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Thread: Unknown 8-bit card: IBM?

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    Default Unknown 8-bit card: IBM?

    Hello, I recently found this 8-bit card that I can't identify. It's a IBM product? Google searches for what appear the Product Number returned nothing useful. Toshiba ASICs look similar to these on the IBM PC 3270 board set (IBM 5271). There is also a 8088 CPU.
    Your help will be much appreciated.
    Thank You!

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    The chip with a paper sticker appears to be a (flash?) ROM; can you try dumping it? Firmware would give some clues.

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    Could you link to some higher resolution images? Note that this forum software recompresses all JPG files so they are 99k or less in size.

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    The part numbers on the toshiba gate arrays are completely different from the two on the 3270 display board (1503193/94)
    It is an IBM board by the 6xxxxx part number. Nothing obvious jumped out in a Google search
    The 37 pin connector doesn't have any obvious line driver ICs near it, guessing it isn't a simple comms controller
    1984 seems too early for anything RT/PC related either.

    You might try dumping the EPROM to see if there are any ASCII or EBCDIC strings


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