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Thread: Peach II clone missing left column of each text character

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    Default Peach II clone missing left column of each text character

    I have a Peach clone board I got from vintagecomputermuseum. I believe he had attempted to fix it, failed (probably backwards charges eprom didn't help!), and then parted the whole thing out.

    Anyway, I've fixed it to a point that it is usable... I replaced the crystal and burned an eprom of the original II character generator, since I couldn't find a 'Peach' variant and the Unitron one didn't work.

    So what I have now is the text is mostly there but the first column of every text character is missing. It's hard to get a good pic but if you picfure an M with the left most leg missing that's what's going on. I'm thinking some kind of shift register problem, or perhaps the original APPLE iI chargen isn't quite right.

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    The Unitron character ROM should be binary and pin-compatible with a real Apple II, so it is interesting that you mentioned it not working with the Peach logic board. I would then presume that the Apple II's character ROM would not work on your board, which would mean there may be a pinout issue on the EPROM with regards to the Peach board, or there may be an issue with the DIP socket and/or even the traces. I'd start there, as well as reading Sather's "Understanding the Apple II" with regards to character rasterizing.


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