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Thread: Two retro-computing events in the San Francisco East Bay coming up soon!

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    Default Two retro-computing events in the San Francisco East Bay coming up soon!

    Hi everyone!

    My "Retro Roadshow" event series has two awesome meet-ups happing in the next few days:

    1. As always, we're going to be hosting a free-to-the-public, hands-on event at The Local (an awesome indie coffee shop) in Alameda CA, on the last Wednesday of the month (Oct. 30th, in this case)

    2. Additionally, we're going to be a "featured attraction" at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland, CA on Sunday Oct. 27! We're going to be stationed right near the entrance of the Faire, and we're working at a feverish pace to prep over a dozen awesome / rare / unusual vintage computers and video-games for attendees to play on. The Maker Faire organizers are really excited to have us at the event, so much that they've created a special discount code for anyone who wants to purchase tickets in advance on EventBrite - using code "RETRO19" gets several dollars off each ticket.

    I get no 'kickbacks' or anything like that from ticket sales - I'm just excited to offer a discounted admission to this fantastic event to anyone who's as passionate about old computers as I am.

    I'd love to see some of you in person at either (or both!) of these events!


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    I thought Maker Faire was out of business. Is this a mini Maker Faire under Maker Faire or are they just calling it Maker Faire?
    I regret that I'll not be able to make it but it sounds like fun. I've been to a number of the mini ones and enjoyed them all.


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