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Thread: Replacing the floppy drive on a Tandy 1000 RL HD

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    Default Replacing the floppy drive on a Tandy 1000 RL HD

    I have a Tandy 1000 RL HD. Everything functions, except the floppy does not work. Any suggestions on obtaining a replacement, since this drive draws it's power through the floppy cable. It's a Teac 720K drive model FD-235F 105-U. No luck doing a google search except for an out stock notice on Amazon Canada:

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Most people create a new cable that handles the power requirements properly; then they can use any normal 3.5" DSDD drive. I believe vwestlife did a video on making the cable?
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    Thanks, I will look into that.

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    While searching for the info about the cable made by vwestlife, I found this little gem. Currently out of stock, but when it becomes available again I am going to order one. It does the same thing allowing a standard 3.5" drive to be used.


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