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Thread: Macintosh DE-9 mice send quadrature signals - should be easy to use on a PC?? Or not?

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    I am doing sort of the opposite - strongly considering converting a PC serial mouse to an Amiga quadrature-encoded mouse (because I want a trackball, and because the mouse was sold as an Amiga mouse on eBay and I'm too stubborn to not make it one).

    The serial mouse has an interesting little IC in it, which handles all the analogue comparator work from the ball wheels, handles debounce for the mouse clicks, and puts out the serial encoding for either Microsoft or Mouse Systems protocols. It's a very slick package and I bet they sold a ton of them.

    The chip in the serial mouse is a EM83702BP and the datasheet is pretty interesting:

    If you could find one of these chips, maybe you could trick one into doing your conversion for you, from the Plus's quadrature signals. Then you wouldn't need a micro - although I suspect you'd still be doing some work to get the inputs right.

    I thought it was a pretty neat "all in one" chip, so I figured I'd share.
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